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Free Vessel Safety Checks

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary can perform a complimentary examination of your boat to make sure it meets both federal and state requirements for safety.

This examination is purely advisory, the Auxiliary issues no citations. If your boat meets federal and state requirements, we award a decal to display that your vessel has passed the examination. This was formerly referred to as a "courtesy marine examination".

This free service is a quick and easy way to make sure you are ready for the coming season. The items that are checked include:

This free service is a great way to get an experienced second pair eyes on your boat. The items we check are some of the same ones that would be checked by a Coast Guard boarding.

Most of our inspectors are experienced boaters from this area so feel free to pick their brains about your favorite boating topics.

Schedule a free vessel safety check now.

If you're not from our area, click here to schedule a free vessel safety check near you.

Schedule a Free Vessel Safety Check