New York State requires a boating safety certificate, not a boating license, or PWC license, or Jetski license.

Since 1998 when the New York State Legislature passed mandatory boating education for PWC operators there has been a misconception about the boating safety certificate. The intent of the legislation was not to license this form of recreation; rather they felt that educating the operators would be more productive than simply having boaters fill out a form and pay a fee every few years.

You may be seeing the phrase "boat license" instead of "boating safety certificate" in print and online ads. While this may appear to be nothing more than being picky about wording, The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Marine Services Bureau believes there is a significant difference. A license lasts a few years and sits in your wallet; an education lasts a lifetime and can help your boating experience be safer and more enjoyable.

The Coast Guard has been boating since 1790.

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